The netherworld of Fyriie lies in no physical plane in any reality, but only in the imagination of the planet Earth and those within its realm of influence.  Once there, you will discover that the planet’s personality is defined as one of psychopathy.  

Fyriie is primarily composed of the psychic matter of all life on Earth from all Cosms the planet resides within:  In essence, it serves as the central station for the multitude of Earths.  

The inhabitants of Fyriie are typically those who have been detached from their physical body and have taken the form of a freak body selected by their core subconsciousness.

Fyriie is full of amazements wild to the eyes of even the most traveled universal voyagers, but it is also home to psychopathic monsters and history’s strangest figures.

So who maintains order in Fyriie?  The responsibility falls, for the most part, on Professor Donk Tloca, who was appointed the charge by the creators of Earth, the Bershosh.  

Professor Donk, being a Human that is the foremost expert on the GuT matters, has kept Fyriie intact thus far, but anomalies still threaten it and are popping up more fluently than ever before.


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