The GuT Circus Show

Ever had a dream that just looked too confusing and exceedingly bizarre to have been a product of your imagination alone, but was a sequence that felt more real than real feels?  If you had a dream or vision trip like this, or if you’ve simply died on Earth, you’ve likely found yourself in the nutty netherworld of Fyriie.  

The GuT Circus takes you on psychotic voyages through Fyriie, a realm composed purely of thought matter from every living thing that had ever existed in the parallel realities of planet Earth.  These are the misadventures of the whack-pack charged with maintaining Fyriie’s balance. 


Admiral Brazel is a conservative clown-bot with a bad attitude and brandishes his beloved rifle to back it up.  He’s a primary security officer for Fyriie and directs his screwy squadrons to take out the more tulmultuous tenants and tourists who “get out of hand”.  The Admiral has an affinity for beer drinking and humping his opponents into submission.

Spacey JC is an alien media jockey who resides in the cave of a space rock in Earth’s orbit.  Often lured or forced into Fyriie one way or another, Spacey takes the shape of a duck head retaining little of his Human attire.  His liberal leanings draw ire from Admiral Brazel as much as it does a longing for Spacey’s companionship.

Buzzmeister Binny is a mystical mushroom guru and business owner in Fyriie.  He is generally a gentle soul without a mean (or any other kind of) bone in his fruiting body.  Binny confides in psychic visions and messages sent from the ghost of Timothy Leary to guide his way in his objectives.  Being a close friend to both Admiral Brazel and Spacey JC before the two ever met, the Buzzmeister is often the reasonable mediator of their arguments.

Learn more about The GuT Circus or watch full episodes on YouTube or at


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