The GuT Circus: A collection of (Spacey) JC Young’s science fiction psychedelia.


Have you ever had that wonder of peculiar things under your awareness, things so confusing and outstanding, you don’t know if your heart can withstand the witnessing of it?  Now suppose this thing you’ve unexpectedly found yourself running into was not only based upon a system of reality oblivious to man’s acknowledgement, but was indeed, too captivating an enigma for you to return to that reality of comfort which you once understood.   You could shy away, you could act as if these things have nothing to do with you, but some way, some how, some where, you’ll find GuT.

The GuT Circus is (Spacey) JC Young’s organization of literary works depicting the estranged odysseys of observers throughout the edges of the Earth whose correlated experiences with the sudden intrusion of surreal characters, creatures, curiosities and circumstances brings these burdened souls to the doorstep of the Variable Cataclysm, a paradox event unlike anything the universe has ever perceived, to its tragic dismay.  

The first exhibit was once a young man by the name of Melvin Brazel Conaway whose fascination with the beyond itself leads him to the cruelest of disfigurements.   Find out what happened to him in Beware The Beyond!  

Check Spacey’s blog on Beware The Beyond or purchase the book for $0.99 at Amazon here…

But ah!  Yes!  Journey, will you, to the observation deck of what is to transpire, for when the GuT Circus ends, so begins an epic and twisted metamorphosis of our already-odd little world of ours as it takes a trip into the pan-dimensional Armageddon of GuT’s Unity Omen coming in 2016.

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