JC and his Spacey Cave


When Spacey JC toughs it out through the surface life of Earth’s phases, there comes a time to refuel his imaginative cosmos.  After the day work is done by midnightfall, JC retreats to his subterranean chamber of interstellar delights to assist the manifest of his expressive works.  Visitors of the Spacey Cave have been enchanted by the containment of the dreamy gnarlyverse’s galactic glow.  When one sits within or departs from the Spacey Cave, one could not help but be inspired by its starry, metaphysical exhibition!


JC Young’s Beware The Beyond

 BTB Cover

Beware The Beyond is the account of Melvin Conaway, an amateur paranormal investigator in the midst of proving the existence of theorized supernatural beings he calls Yonders, and finds the truth of the matter of the abnormal much more outlandish and much more terrifying than his imagination could fathom.  See what happens when Melvin finds himself facing the absurdities of the GuT Circus in the opening act that is Beware The Beyond!

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