Shades of Monkeys & Men with an Almighty in Between pt. 1

The Interwoveness

It had dawned and damned me at once, that mold which we to date are full of baffle for, a shell holding us together with the science of undiscovered perplexities at hand.  My sky was of crocodiles gnawing the florescent bulb of rainbow life that makes them seem to be so graceful in it.  At my eye level walking the gravels of this road, the chaos wrens swarmed the tree before merging suddenly into it as one.  There was an enigmatic, underlying world that many like I have been senseless to when sound, a reaffirming absence of our banality that when proven, erases itself as a result of fellow observation meeting yours.

When trying to contemplate the coin that flips our institution of knowledge, and doing so under a mild hangover during the violet dawn-time, I realized that no line could be drawn so solid that it was undeniable.  Conceptual blurs were too fluent for the life-form to resist the pissing upon its driving force, who it is yet to be introduced to.  Is it the animal whose thoughts are needed to exist, or is it the sentient whose thoughts want to know, but knows not what to know, and if there be an almighty, conscious source of the quantum us from all sides of reality far and near, whose thoughts are trying to salvage the monstrous mistake this is all turning out to be, assuming it wasn’t just laughing its ass off at these circus acts of our lives, entertained by the intercourse of creation and destruction that everything, everybody, and every time is.

-JC Young